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the shimmering surface shows the reflection of thyself;
a burnt face and a twisted trunk
who is to blame? me, you or them?
the hatred and the urge to smash the face,
break it into pieces and crush the legs
inability to stand the presencae,
and the sickening feeling
the downward look, thus, when seen
and a shame for the life unseen

Time flies

the open hair and the fragrance
the color of your eyes
and the innocence
resting my head on your shoulder
hearing your talks, and
seeing you blush
my smile your smile my smile
the holding of hands, and
touching of the lips
time flies, certainly

Any color you like

Black? Red? Pink? Green? or perhaps blue? baby it doesn’t matter to me what appeals to you. For I’m color blind who sees colors in a different way. You’ve, for sure, liked that one for so long but I must tell you, your pink is my blue. Go ahead, like any color you want, I won’t complain, didn’t I tell that to you?

Notes after Vodka

When you’re with russia, all worries go away. You’re in a totally different world. The parallel world that is transparent to every other eye. You don’t think, because thinking brings worries. Your feet levitate above the ground. You spread your arms and see the wings that never existed before. You take flight. Up above you fly, with her. Arms wide open. Love in the eyes…

All she needs is a glow

A lovely face sits in the dark, lights down, staring at the bright screen and typing hurriedly something. It must be done today or else it would be too late. There’s only one chance. One that would never come again in life. A chance of lifetime as you may say. Unwary of the next, she goes on, searches until the back of her mind to pull out a miracle that will change her life. Confidently she strikes the keys, harder every time she thinks of the wonderful aftereffects. She visualizes herself to that day. The magical day when things are going to go her way, a day of happiness, a day of infinite joy, a day of achievement and a day of fame. That day she’ll stand out from the crowd and will have her own identity. She’ll be herself and the world will acknowledge her existence. Another stroke of the key as she makes, she cackles at her own thoughts of her future. The next stroke causes a typo. She frowns. “What if things go wrong, as they’ve, always?”, she ponders. There’s a sudden gloom on her face, a face that turns dim, almost intermingling with the darkness. The future is uncertain. She can only try. The target is moving. She can only aim. The air might be dark but all she needs is a little glow.

A blank in memory II

I never thought I would write about you. More so, write this about you. Ever since I found you, I’ve been carried away by emotions so deep that I feel a crippled being unable to move and dead without your support. Once upon a time I’d you. I really liked you very much and you listened to me patiently like you’d all the time in the world. You came to my life unwanted and you’re not there suddenly unwantingly. You came, I accepted and you showed me a never-seen land. I was carried away and fell in between. I wanted to love but you didn’t let me do that. I wanted to escape but you didn’t let me do that.  I wanted to sleep but you didn’t let me do that. I wanted to forget but you didn’t let me do that. I wanted to hate but you didn’t let me do that. You flew but you took me along. You left a void behind.  I begged for your time but you’d other things in mind. I understood. You didn’t. You said you did and I don’t. I’m a sticker and there’s a special. He, who couldn’t care but who the hell cares? You moved ahead exploring the unexplored. I stuck along. Then I was special and we’re special while I was over everything. We lay down. We cuddle up. We promise. You spoke of changes. Truly had there not been any changes I would be there still. So, I’m the one who’s ignored and I’m the one who’s blamed as I’m the one who ignores. Time likes you but hates me. Who has changed; me or you? If I’m sick so are you. Your monthly distress has to be cured first than my common flu.  Fuck ‘em all, you said and I said I don’t need ‘em but why shall I leave ‘em. While you’re on a date, where shall I go? I’m dead but I’ll be born again and I’ll be healthier. There will be a blank in my memory soon. There is one I believe now. The best was there once but not anymore.


Lost and unable to find my way out
Stuck in between the waves and going crazy
See the hope which I thought shall never exist
I care, I follow, I lose
Ships anchor me but will not rescue me
Left drowning, I must find a way
Only if one of those ships could be my light