My name is Vikram (Vik) Chauhan and this is my blog.

I have never been a good writer, though I have always been fascinated by others who are good at it. However, I do try… sometimes… not to impress anyone but simply to write down my thoughts. I am quite a thinker and often it is hard to capture everything I think of. This blog will surely help.

In 2013, I graduated from Purdue University’s MBA program. Since then I have been working for a large medical device company as part of the company’s IT group. What I do for living helps accelerate organizations to next level of success. Some of the buzz words you can associate with my experience are Enterprise Data Integration, Data Management, Master Data, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. My pre-MBA education was Electrical Engineering and I have been in IT since 2006.

I am a hardcore techie. In my free time I love tinkering with computers and coding. I also love to spend time with my wonderful wife and two dogs, as well as doing hiking, biking, photography, reading and cooking! Lately, I have also become a Handyman. I love to do Home Improvement projects and other home handy work. I am sure you will see some or all of that on this blog.

Every now and then you may see a picture or two uploaded. If I don’t own the picture, I will quote the source. Otherwise, please consider it a property of this website.

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