Playing with is a NLP (Natural Language Processing) api. Think of it as something that can be used to create next Cortana or Siri. Basically, the api allows you to send a text statement (or voice), and convert into meaningful form that your program can understand and respond to.

I have started playing with it. First thing I am doing is install on Jarvis to be used with Python3.

Installing is easy. First ensure following packages are installed: python3-dev, libcurl3-dev, libsox-dev and libssl-dev.

Then run pip be continued

Trick 2: Bulk download 4K wallpapers from

A year ago I had posted about how you can bulk download 1080p wallpapers from Microsoft’s website. You can read the post here. That tricked worked very well and allowed me to download a total of 543 1080p wallpapers in one go. Now, I am using the same concept to download wallpapers from albeit this time it’s 4K, baby! (3840×2160)

Since the level of our pixel gorgeousness has increased we will step up our game a bit by using a Python script to automate the download. Actually, that’s not the main reason… While using lynx, grep and wget worked previously, it may be a bit untidy here. We are dealing with 117 pages full of 4K wallpapers. I estimate around 3000+ wallpapers here. That’s >6 times as previously.

Using Python requests, BeautifulSoup and shutil, it’s very easy. Here’s how I did it.

DISCLAIMER: The code here is only for educational purposes. Use it at your own risk. I am thankful to the original posters of these 4K wallpapers. They deserve due credit.
1. Construct the page URL that shows thumbnails for 4K wallpapers
The first page is this:
Page 2 is this:
…you get the pattern, right?

2.  On the page, look for image tags with ‘alt’ attribute starting with ‘HD Wallpaper’

3. Loop through all the thumbnails, extract their ‘src’ values and strip ‘thumb-350-‘ string from the ‘src’ values to get the actual 4K wallpaper URL
Input =
Output =

4. Download the image and store in a file

5. Loop through all the pages

Complete snippet:

That’s it!


Here are stats for my download process. Obviously speed stinks but I was able to 99.9% of 4K Wallpapers.

Downloaded: 3501 Skipped: 5
Total size: 8.66gb Speed: 370.86kb/s Elapsed time:  6h 48m 18.7s