the shimmering surface shows the reflection of thyself;
a burnt face and a twisted trunk
who is to blame? me, you or them?
the hatred and the urge to smash the face,
break it into pieces and crush the legs
inability to stand the presencae,
and the sickening feeling
the downward look, thus, when seen
and a shame for the life unseen

I’m improving in Critical Reasoning questions. Hit rate 8/10 on an average. Hope to increase it further. Taking preparation slow at present. I will give a mock sometime soon. Will fix a date for GMAT as soon as I hit 42 in verbal.

Slept pretty early and could only say hello to Abby over phone.

Got informational packages from Thunderbird and Georgia Tech. Not very keen on Thunderbird because of International Management program that it offers.

Entered 2010’s Most Beautiful Eyes contest by Prevent Blindness Indiana. Abby is my entry for this year. Hope to raise more donations and reach #1.

Yesterday’s evening slumber resulted in my not going to office today. I tossed and turned until 4 in the morning and woke up at usual 7 feeling groggy which is a perfect excuse for WFH. Hardik is coming on Wednesday. Reorganized my apartment to create space for him. I’ve finally moved to the bedroom. Abby came over in the evening. She brought dinner – Fresco Melt and Iced Tea from Steak n Shake. I did some grocery shopping as well. Couldn’t study because of reorganization.

Talked to dad today and at length. I was different than I normally am with him. He bought two life insurance policies in my name – one from LIC of India and other from Aviva. He needs a laptop. I’ve to buy him one. Slept in the evening therefore not sleepy. Talked to Deepti Tripathi and told her about Abby.

Couldn’t connect to Mayank. I’m going to miss Notre Dame’s early deadline of Monday.