Losing the Car keys

’twas a pretty fucked up evening yesterday as I lost my car key. For some reason, ever since I bought my ’02 Mitsu Eclipse “GT” and got only one key, I knew that that key will be gone some day. When something appalling as this is going to happen, the God (for those of you who are religious) or the “unknown entity” (for agnostics like me) or the inner you or somebody (disbelievers), always throws you signs about it well in advance. Having full cognizance of my ability to part ways with necessary things like these with time I saw quite a seriousness in that premonition and so resolved to get a copy of the key done as soon as possible. It was a proud moment for me for a simple reason that I’d never ever taken any resolution like that before. With the day bringing unusual things into my life (like the sports car and the resolution) it was a time to celebrate. And so, I did. I celebrated that day with my friends at “Hooters”, a famous chain of “family” restaurants in US of A known for its “shyly” dressed waitresses. With mugs and mugs full of beer pouring the celestial liquid down my esophagus and ecstatic barbecued chicken wings bejeweling the plate, I was on a trip that I’d never ever taken before. Calmly as the liquid cleared the dirt off of my gray cells I realized that at the time of taking the resolution I’d overlooked my ability to procrastinate things. The realization brought frowns for a moment but was immediately dismissed as a party-spoiler and I moved my attention back to where it was before i.e. the beer mugs and the barbecued chicken. So the day ended and I slept peacefully that night dreaming about my mitsu, the resolution and the only Key that I got. Now the rule book says a resolution doesn’t need to be in place immediately and has to be followed by numerous events of reminders to yourself (This is some sort of a ritual that has to be performed before you can successfully accomplish what you’ve resolved for and the more you do that, the better you perform). So, I threw reminders at myself to get the copy of the key done from Walmart (I heard they do that). Every time I visited Walmart (which is around thrice a month) I ensured that I knowingly ignore my resolution for that visit so that I can perform better. I was certainly doing good. One night I dreamt of losing my car key and finding that inside a biscuit jar. It was funny but it boosted my confidence as I knew I was moving in a right direction. Months passed and my performance became extra-ordinarily brilliant. I could successfully misplace keys (car or house) and find them soon. My reminder throwing frequency had gone up from 1 reminder a week to 3 reminders a week which was a great improvement. I was just few steps away from accomplishing what I’d resolved for and was eagerly waiting for that moment to happen.

Six months of diligence and patience finally paid off when yesterday I lost my car key. It was a moment of pride, glory and extreme fucked-up-ness that brought tears into my eyes when it happened. It couldn’t have been a better place than Walmart parking lot for that to happen. It happened after the usual Walmart invasion when I was about to load the groceries into the boot of my car. As I frisked my pocket I found that the car key is missing. A desperate hunt inside Walmart yielded nothing and so a SOS call was placed at my Insurance Company (InCo) by me which was accepted promptly and happily by them which brought some relief. However the relief was soon gone when I received another call from them informing that the new key is going to cost 85$! Outrageous it was but a man in despair will accept it with grace. So did I. I waited outside the Walmart in the parking lot near my car with just a puffer jacket on, no gloves on, no cap on, in -5 degree Celsius and in horrendous westerly wind which made my left ear lifeless. The help arrived in 65mins as opposed to 35mins as told by the InCo and it took another 70mins for the keymaker to crack the code of my car and give me the new key. The ordeal finally ended at 1AM. I now have the copy of the key albeit after losing it.


Lost and unable to find my way out
Stuck in between the waves and going crazy
See the hope which I thought shall never exist
I care, I follow, I lose
Ships anchor me but will not rescue me
Left drowning, I must find a way
Only if one of those ships could be my light

Doug Cook’s Farewell

Just came back from Doug Crook’s farewell party. It was a small after-office drink party at the RAM’s, a bar in downtown. It is pretty amazing to know somebody spending 25 years in one organization. That is equal to the life I’ve lived so far. When you’ve spent that amount of time you’ve virtually seen three decades of changes in the organization. You’ve seen organization grow three or more times in size. You’ve created success stories. You’ve had your failures. You’ve met and worked with so many people. You’ve made bonds…yes, imagine you worked with somebody for 10years, sat next to each other all time, had innumerable breakfasts/lunches together, shared smiles, jokes, anger, frustrations..and then one day you find that that person is not going to sit besides you anymore. It’ll take some time to sink in and you’ll feel bad or probably cry. I saw Tracy crying in the party…and that’s their story. Needless to say, it had a pretty good attendance. Doug’s a nice fellow who has always been a pro-TCS person. We at TCS are surely going to miss him…

Oh and what did I’ve at the bar? Not difficult to guess… A shot of Russia. With the snow falling and the ghastly wind blowing the entire day, Russia is the best to keep you warm!